PA Wings

All ALSPAW stage roofscan be extended with sound wings. These are additional towers, connected with roof’s sleeve blocks. They are mostly used to hang line array speakers. You can also hang small LED screens. Sound wings have construction similar to stage roofs from which they are extended - towers HD3 290-Q, HD3 390-Q or HD4 390-Q, horizontal trusses HD3 290-Q, HD3 390-Q, HD4 390-Q or HD4 600x400-Q. Standard width is 3 meters.




The roof towers are the constructions which consist of the trusses designed specifically for the needs of transferring the vertical forces from the roofing, sleeve blocks moving across the tower length, tower head sections and steel tower bases. Alike truss systems, the towers are divided depending on their dimensions: 250, 290 and 390. All towers are made of quadrosystem trusses

Tower head section
Tower head section allows fastening manual hoists or lead of bearing chain of electric hoists. The tower head sections are divided depending on the dimensions of trusses and profiles used to the construction. For the needs of small roofings and constructions, the tower head section has normally the equipment to the manual hoist; for the needs of big roofings - wheels leading to the chain of electric hoists.

For the purpose of lifting of the Alspaw stage roofs, we have two types of hoists: manual and electric.

  • Manual hoists - recommended mainly to the small roofings - up to the size of 12.5m x 12.5 m of every type of construction. Each of the hoists has durable steel construction, brake made of high-quality materials, low construction and low bare weight. Zink-coated bearing lifting chains and hand chains. Depending on the maximum load of the roof, we can apply hoists from 0.5T to 2T. Lifting chains and hand chains are adjusted to the height of the roof towers.
  • Electric hoists - the perfect solution which facilitates lifting the roof. It can be applied for any type and size of the roofing. Universal motor attachment helps to connect the hoist with the sleeve block. Similarly to the manual hoist, we can apply several types of hoists from 0.5T to 2T. They vary not only according to load capacity, but also according to the lifting speeds.

Sleeve block
Made of aluminum sheets, tower sleeve blocks allowing smooth hoisting of the construction for the requested height with the use of hoists. Sleeve blocks have the possibility to assembly both trisystem trusses and quadrosystem trusses. There is the separate type of the sleeve block for each size of the trusses. Sleeve blocks normally posses the clamps to the manual hoists, though they can be additionally equipped with special handle for the electric hoists.

Tower base
High-quality steel profiles and special construction allows transferring large weights of the construction. Tower base consists of main body with adjustable feet and outriggers with stabilizers and adjustable feet. Every basis has the possibility to use all sizes of quadrosystem trusses. Additionally there is a possibility to mount the ballast attachments.




Flying tower

Every roof of Alspaw Company may be extended with the flying tower. It is the additional tower with the basis, which is not connected with the roofing system. The tower enables to hang the array speakers on the sides of the stage.


Height Max. load construction
14 m 1325 kg HD4 600x400-Q
9 m 1200 kg HD3 390-Q
7,5 m 1250 kg HD3 390-Q




Ground support roof tower system

The ALSPAW electrical ground support tower system is made to ensure maximum safety, great savings, quickness of the assembly and total efficiency. The hydraulic system is capable of lifting ground support roof towers up to 12m.


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