FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I calculate the capacity load of my own truss elements?

Calculating a truss capacity load is complex, if the structure is suspended from more than 2 points. ALSPAW assist you with caclulating in 2D or 3D truss capacity load. You are advised to call in the help of a professional ALSPAW engineer.

2. Am I allowed to climb on to the truss?

If you always use a lanyard with appropriate shock absorber, you can climb on the truss. During climbing on a truss, make sure the truss still is able to withstand a 6kN load at any point.

3. Is the CE mark applicable for truss?

Manufacturers may apply the CE mark if their products are fabricated in compliance to ruling European regulations (standards). This is a way for the manufacturer to show his commitment of fabricating his products as safe as possible and in compliance to standards and regulations known to him. You can be ascertained that the manufacturer has tried to make his product as safe as possible.

For many products the manufacturer is allowed to apply the CE mark. ALSPAW is allowed to apply the CE mark to their trusses. To be able to do this ALSPAW has undergone a controlled procedure under auspices of an appointed institute.

4. Buy mobile stage or standard roof system?

Mobile Stages called also a vehicle-trailer, are not only fast and easy but all elements needed for setting up the stage can be found in its interior. It'ss easy to store and transport. Can be stored outdoors, in all weather conditions. You may need only 1-2 people for setting up the stage in 30min. It's ideal solution for smaller events, max size of mobile stage 10x8x7m.

Standard roof system needs separate truck to load all truss and stage platforms. Buying truck or trailer+storage is associated with significant additional cost. Nevertheless, for bigger concerts and festivals it's necessary having standard roof system as you have bigger capacity load of truss and bigger roof sizes. You can also use trusses from the roof system to build other truss structures. Setting up all standard roof takes always more time and you need more people, however, you can use equipment for faster setting up like pillar lifter or electrical chain hoists which reduce installation time.


5. What category of driving licence is necessary for mobile stages?

  Small Mobile Stage Middle Mobile Stage Big Mobile Stage
DMC Trailer 2500 kg 2500 kg 3500 kg


6. Will my truss come with conical connectors?

All truss pieces are supplied with matching connectors, pins & r-clips.

7. Can I rent a roof system, mobile stage or any other construction from ALSPAW company?

We dont rent constructions, because we dont want to be in competition with our clients, but we can recommend proper companies, which offer our constructions for renting.


8. Do you have powder painted or anodised trusses in your offer?

Yes, we have matt, polished, powder painted and anodised (on special request) trusses in our offer.

9. If I order a construction, what would be delivery conditions?

You can pick up the construcion by yourself in our factory, we can deliver it to you by our own means of transport or we can send it you by courier or spedition. It is up to you.


10. What is the angle of AL-B9 angle revolving barrier?

It's the most popular corner barrier because of possibility to create to 110 degree angles. Outside angle is 90 degree and inside angle is 110 degree.

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