Profiled M48 Plus mobile stage 8x6x6,1m

ALSPAW have chosen to adhere to the highest and newest European Directives, specifications and standards in order to provide a safe and high quality product of product quality. All our products comply with the strictest international standards according to the latest standards of Eurocode 0, Eurocode 1, Eurocode 3 Eurocode 9. We think ahead updating all regulations and implementing certain provisions into our products. All accessories and additional elements should be transported separately on the truck.

Technical data
Type of roof profiled
Dimensions as a stage 8,0 m x 6,0 m x 6,1 m
Dimensions as a trailer 9,4 m x 2,45 m x 3,6 m
Permitted total weight 3000 kg / optionally 3500 kg
Stage area 48 m2
Height of stage floor 1,0 - 1,3 m
Stage floor slip proof, weather proof
Roof capacity 300 kg - uniformly on each arch - total 1200 kg
Floor capacity 3,5 kN/m2 (ok.350 kg/m2)
Quadrosystem front pillars load capacity 50 kg
Flying Towers load capacity 500 kg (in the middle point)
Max. wind speed Wind zone 1 – 3 excepting the 5 km wide coastal areas and the islands of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea:. max 17.8 m/s with the back and sides cover and max 27,5 m/s without covers
Max. thickness of snow on the roof Mobile stages should be used only in periods in which there is no snow, unless the snow is effectively removed, e.g. by installing the appropriate heating devices
Canopy PCV certified material (flame resistant)
Scrim A203 (white or black)
Installation time 30 min (1-2 people)

Basic accessories and options - PVC canopy for the roof
- Scrim for back and sides (2/3)
- Down covering PVC canopy
- Truss pillars (Q250, 50x2) x 4 pcs
- Adjustable stairs x 2 pcs
- Wind measurer
- Power generator
- Rails for 3 sides
- Spare parts
- Electric hydraulic system of lifting up the roof by remote control and electric hydraulic system of leveling the floor by remote control (permissible total weight 3000 kg / optionally 3500 kg)
Additional accessories and options - PA Wings (truss structure Q250 with stage platforms)
- PA Wings (truss structure Q250 without stage platforms)
- Flying towers
- PA Speakers
- Ramp (top made of plywood)
- Stage cover
- Scrim side extension till front pillar (1/3) on Velcro – 2 pcs
- Small storage canopy for closing front and back of mobile stage
- Galvanized chassis


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