BP-A Aluminium base plate   BP-A Aluminium base plate
  500x500x8     800x800x8
weight: 6 kg   weight: 14 kg


BP-A Aluminium base plate   BP-S Steel base plate
  1000x1000x8     500x500x8
weight: 22 kg   weight: 16 kg


BP-S Steel base plate   BP-S Steel base plate
  800x800x8     1000x1000x8
weight: 40 kg   weight: 63 kg


BPR-S Steel base plate   Claw Clamp
  Ø 500x8   max. 120 kg Ø 50
weight: 13 kg    


Coupler AL-50   Swivel coupler AL-50P
max. 500 kg Ø 50   max. 500 kg Ø 50


Ring coupler AL-50U   Hinge
max. 500 kg Ø 50   250/290/390  


Half coupler - Box Corner   Half coupler - Deko
250-Q/290-Q/390-Q M12   180-Q/220-Q M8


Half coupler - Standard / HD   Half coupler - Special
250/290/390/600x400-Q M12   370-T/520-T M12


Coupler - Deko   Coupler - Standard / HD
180-Q/220-Q     250/290/390/600x400-Q  


Coupler - Special   Spacer - Deko male
370-T/520-T     180-Q/220-Q 100-250 mm


Spacer - Deko female   Spacer - Standard / HD male
180-Q/220-Q 100-250 mm   250/290/390/600x400-Q 100-250 mm


Spacer - Standard / HD female   Coupler pin - Deko
250/290/390/600x400-Q 100-250 mm   180-Q/220-Q  


Coupler pin - Standard / HD   Coupler pin -  Special
250/290/390/600x400-Q     370-T/520-T  


Coupler pin - Fork   Coupler pin -  Fork
350-Q/620-Q     800x500-Q  


Coupler pin - Fork   Coupler clip



Hinge clip   ST Cube 50
      Standard/HD 50x50x50


ST Cube 35   Hanging element - Gizmo
Deko 35x35x35   290/390/400  


MH tower   Lighting trolley WT04


Straight truss trolley WT05V2   Profiled truss trolley


LED Truss   Book corner
390-Q 600/1200/2000/2400mm      


Lighting system RT   Lighting system RT-T
  250/500/1000/2000mm     450/220 450/470 450/500


Lighting system RT-T down   Lighting system RT-H
  450/220 450/470 450/500     800/415 800/1000


Truss adapter T/Q   Sleeve block adapter
250/290/390/400     290/390 290/400  




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