Quality & safety


Our products are famous for the combination of good-quality, attested materials and their attractive appearance. ALSPAW Company fulfills all customers requirements, each time ensuring safety, reliability and easiness of installation. We offer standard constructions, as well as non-standard constructions made according to our customers’ wishes. We apply unique solutions which provide not only functionality, but also good quality. It is confirmed with the appropriate certificates concerning all kind of events and entertainment parks, issued by relevant European institutions.


Our vast experience in the production of roofs, stage platforms, crowd barriers, mobile stages and trusses is a guarantee of the highest safety standards and at the same time of fulfillment of the most rigorous international norms and directives. Moreover, we apply optimal solutions which save place and transport costs. During transportation the constructions are properly sheltered by materials which protect them against damages. The products may be easily and quickly assembled in the place of an event. Our constructions are based on the module systems which result in further savings and allow their application in many different ways. We have experience in all atmospheric conditions - from freezing cold - 25°C to the temperature above 30°C.

In order to ensure the highest possible safety of roofing construction during their use we suggest that our customers use the anemometer and ballasts from 0.5 to 1 tone for 1 post of the roofing depending on the size of a roof and rigging systems. All canopies and scrims are made of certified, fireproof PVC materials available in many different colors.

Static calculations, technical documentation for all products and TÜV NORD for the stage platforms, truss systems and crowd barriers system meet all safety standards during their use, taking into consideration dynamic load in overground objects (equipment of entertainment parks).

All our products include equipment for assembly workers, tool boxes, safety equipment and spare parts. Thanks to the above, we give our customers the maximum sense of security.


  • Every product has min. 2 years written warranty with possibility to renew it.
  • Providing guarantee service and after guarantee service.
  • The best price guarantee.
  • Guarantee the highest quality.


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