Maintenance guide and service of mobile stages
(in accordance with Article 61 of Regulation (EU) 2018/858 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

ALSPAW mobile stage will function correctly for a long period of time if it will be properly used and maintained. Please find below the ALSPAW Manufacturer’s recommendations that should be followed:

  • store the folded trailer stage in warehouse or under a roof during longer period of non-use. The materials used in the production of the stage are water and frost resistant however, due to prolonged exposure of some elements, they may show signs of use such as fading of the canopy and scrims materials from solar radiation. For that reason, ALSPAW strongly recommends covering all elements that remain outside,
  • all movable parts of the mobile stage should be lubricated once a year. It is also recommended to lubricate all mechanisms, locks, grooves and hinges annually in order to avoid corrosion,
  • the platform floor should also be kept clean and dry. We recommend painting the plywood once a year with wood paint. Any other maintenance is not required. Do not use oil or other detergents and do not wax or polish the plywood,
  • check the oil level before the season will start,
  • the mobile stage has self-locking screws however, it is important to check the screws connections from time to time, especially the screwing of the drive system and drawbar assembly, as well as the overrun device, drawbar and wheels,
  • once a year, check the chassis frame, mostly the condition of the welds, whether there are any cracks,
  • from time to time it is recommended to check tire pressure as well as tires condition. Used tires increase the risk of skidding because of that check their condition regularly,
  • once a year, use silicone spray for the gas springs and side floor closings,
  • in winter conditions it is necessary to rinse the stage from sand and road salt.

Thanks to these procedures we can guarantee the proper function of the mobile stage as well the safety for a long time.

Any repairs of the mobile stage should be carried out by the Manufacturer.

The applications should be sent to: Responsible person: Maciej Michalak - production manager.

Applies to ALSPAW mobile stages , category O2, type: EME, EMD, EMC 


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